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17 Nifty Ways to Organize Your Fridge

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Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the home. It’s the storage location for food and beverages. So that makes it very important to keep it clean and sanitary.

If your fridge is messy, then this could lead to all sorts of problems like food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses. You also don’t want to be cleaning your fridge every week, either.

That’s why we have compiled a list of clever, creative ways to organize your fridge and freezer.

1. Chalkboard Fridge
Paint a chalkboard on the front of your fridge, so you can easily let your family know what’s for dinner. You can find full instructions by clicking here.


2. Or Use A Dry Erase Board
If you don’t want to paint a chalkboard, then use a dry erase marker to write on your fridge. This can help you keep inventory of your food. Be sure to keep permanent markers away from the area!


3. Create An “Eat Me First” Basket
One of the most difficult things we struggle with is perishable foods. It’s really easy for us to forget about them when they are in the fridge. To stop worrying about food going bad, create an “Eat Me First” basket where you can place what needs to be eaten first. Now you can will minimize food waste.


4. Dedicated Snack Zone
If you have kids, they love rampaging through the fridge and leaving a mess just to get their hands on some snacks. To avoid this problem, create a snack zone in your fridge and fill it with healthy snack options like granola, yogurt, nuts, and fruit.


5. Magazine Freezer Shelves
Transform a magazine holder into an organizing device for the freezer. Flip it on its side, and now you have freezer shelves!


6. Fridge Bins
Plastic bins are great for organizing things around the house, so naturally, they are great at organizing your fridge as well.

7. Label Everything
When you use fridge bins, be sure to label the contents to make it very easy to find what you are looking for. This also lets you quickly know what you need to get more of during your next grocery trip.

8. Reduce Condiment Clutter
Buy squeeze bottles and label them to reduce the condiment clutter in your fridge.

9. Grab & Go Basket
Add a special basket in your fridge that’s meant for grab & go items like fruit. This should be easy to access for anyone looking for a quick bite to eat.

10. Binder Clip Trick
Use binder clips on the freezer shelves to help maximize space.

11. DIY Shelf Mats
Cleaning shelves in the fridge is painful. You have to remove all your items in the fridge just to do it, making it very tedious. To avoid this problem, use shelf mats to make cleanup  a breeze.

Cut plastic placemats to fit the shelf. When you need to clean them, remove the mat and dump them in the sink

12. Lazy Susan
A Lazy Susan isn’t just meant for restaurants. It can also be used in the fridge. This puts almost anything in your fridge within convenient reach. You no longer have to look all the way in the back of the fridge for that yogurt that was hiding from you.

This will also eliminate those unpleasant moldy surprises…

13. Freezer Bags
If you have an upright chest freezer, then sort the contents using reusable shopping bags.

14. Practical Egg Basket
If you don’t have egg slots built into your fridge, then make your own.
15. “Opened On” Dates
Use a sharpie and masking tape to label the dates you opened an item. This helps you keep track of when an item has likely gone bad.

16. Single Serve Magnetic Containers 
Attach magnetic plastic containers to the sides of your fridge. This is great for storing small snacks like nuts or seeds.

17. Know Where To Store Items
Believe it or not, the fridge temperatures are varied depending on location. While your refrigerator may show a certain temperature, it’s not entirely accurate. Knowing where to store your food can extend its longevity.


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