Thursday, January 8, 2015

Make a Wish Bottle Necklace

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I am so happy it is finally summer! I have so many happy memories of summer. Running through sprinklers- and then warming up on the hot cement sidewalks. The delicate balance of eating Popsicles before they melt, but without getting a “brain freeze.”  And of course, making a secret, heartfelt wish, and then blowing dandelion fluff to make it come true.

Wish Bottle Necklace i 
 No one has figured out a way to bottle the carefree days of summer, but I have figured out how to bottle dandelion wishes!

Wish bottle necklace 2- Crafts Unleashed 
You only need a few (very inexpensive) supplies to make your own wish bottle necklace:
  • Ball Link Chain (I used silver, 18″)
  • “Wish” Silver Charm
  • Bottle Charm (cork top) or
  • Bottle Charm (rubber stopper)
  • Jump Rings
  • A nice and lucky looking Dandelion
  • Envelope or plastic baggie for gathering the dandelion

Wish Bottle Necklace a 

The first thing you will want to do is find a good dandelion. :) I enlisted the help of my daughter.  This time of year, it is not so hard to find quite a lot of fine looking specimens if your yard looks like mine.

Wish Bottle Necklace c 

Collect your dandelion in an envelope or baggie. It will not make it back to the house if you just pick it and run. Just saying.

Wish Bottle Necklace d 

Select your bottle charm. I liked both the cork topped kind and the rubber stopper kind. Seriously, how adorable are these? Remove the top of the bottle you choose.

Wish Bottle Necklace e 
Then, insert the individual dandelion fluffs. I found it helpful to use a skewer to get them distributed evenly in the bottle.

Re-insert the bottle topper. If you are concerned with the topper falling out of the bottle, you could apply a thin layer of glue to the topper before you re-insert it.

Wish Bottle Necklace f 
Then, using jump rings, attach your “wish” charm to the bottle stopper, and attach the bottle to the ball link chain.

Wish Bottle Necklace g 

That’s it! I think this would make an adorable and unique gift- for under a couple bucks.

Wish bottle necklace - Crafts Unleashed 
And also very handy for those winter months, when dandelions are in short supply, but you really need to make a wish!

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