Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DIY Father's Day Bouquet

You'll need 8-10 regular size candy bars.
(There may or may not have been a 100 Grand in this pile
before the project started.)

You'll also need some sort of floral Styrofoam form
and some strong, but not too thick, wooden
sticks or dowels.

Hot glue the large rectangular boxes of candies
to your Styrofoam form to make a candy vase :)

It will look something like this.

Then, hot glue the wooden sticks to your candy bars.
I loved the sticks I found at Michael's because they
were flat like popsicle sticks, but not quite at wide.

Keep gluing until every candy bar has a stick.

Now this is where your creative know-how comes into play,
and you create a gorgeous candy arrangement.

One class I always wished I had taken in college was floral arrangement.

But I did the best I could with what I had. Ha!

Then, take some tissue paper, cello, grass, tulle, or
any kind of frou frou you have hanging around
and fill around your candy flowers.

One thing I do know about floral design is
that it's supposed to looking just as gorgeous
from whichever angle you look at it.

I have a fun and easy gift to make for that sweet-lovin' Dad in your life.

You'll need FOUR BOXES of a rectangular shaped candy.
I chose Sugar Babies because we like them :o)
But you could use Mike & Ikes, Whoppers or even a Symphony Bar.


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