Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cat DIY Mug


The first challenge: a pretty motive find which does not look too much according to the Crazy Cat lady, but also betrays not at first sight that is necessary even for the drawing of easy and plain lines and curves just, nevertheless, more than the will to the creation. So: mark, erase out, paper crumple up, begin at the beginning. And always trust that sooner or later the kitten looks as it has to go, the proportions completely in order are and own assurance starts to grow again.

I have decided on a simple cat who stands on the head on the cup, a cat's comment for the back and the plate also shows that he belongs to it, namely with a small black spider in the edge of the plate for whom the cat with her little paw fishes if cup and plate stand only in the right position together.

You need this

  • Cup
  • Porcelain painter
  • soft pencil

That is how it works

Everybody starts sometimes small: Contours mark

And now there comes the part which gives pleasure: First I mark the motive with a soft pencil on the cup.

I have drawn the contours intentionally a little more generously, so that I did not have to attach the porcelain marker on the graphite layer. Since then it can happen that the marker color becomes firm not substantially. 

Eyes on, air stop: the time of the porcelain marker has come

Now there comes the biggest challenge: Carefully and with stopped air, but as far as possible in a river I drag the contours with the marker within the pencil default. I wipe them with a humid culinary paper where I would have to sign. This was, for example, with eyes and little walrus mustaches of the cat the case. 

It is important that you do not set down the pencil as far as possible, because at these places easily there originates the color thickening which demonstrates the motive a little worried.
I was surprised myself how quickly and and easily my contemptible white common cup changed to a unique gift idea. Then another three days allow to dry and ready.

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