Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jewelry In Candles

I want to mention a favorite company. I love candles and jewelry. This company mixed the 2 and made it Jewelry in Candles. I bought a huge 21 oz candle for a great price of $27 (plus shipping.) It smelt GREAT. Two days after being lit and the lid replaced, I still smell the scent in my house! I got the candle Day at the Spa, it kind of smells like Key Lime Pie to me.

The ring I got was nothing special, it was a sterling silver celtic weave ring, I gave it to my daughter and she likes it. I have seen other people posting picture of jewelry that they have gotten and some of them are gorgeous! Example:

They also sell wax tarts for $15.95, they also come with a piece of jewelry in the package too! They are supposed to be coming out with aroma beads some time after Christmas. Anyways, go to the site and check it out for yourself!

Jewelry In Candles

Have a great one!

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