Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY: Transfer an image to metal

Photos on metal is inexpensive!!! Metal only costs 33 cents (depending on your location!) This post will show you how to transfer pictures on to metal. It looks super easy and is a great gift idea that is definitely unique, I can't wait to try this myself!

Source for the DIY

1. First you’ll want to mirror your photos on your computer since it’ll transfer in reverse (especially if it’ll have words on them.) Be sure NOT to use photo paper…just use regular cheap copier paper when printing. I just saved my pictures on a flash drive, took them to a copy center like Kinkos/Staples/Office Depot and they printed them out for me rather inexpensively. I printed two photos to a page to save a couple of cents.

2. Make sure your metal shingle is clean with no oily residue. Cut your photo to fit on one of the sides of the metal shingle.

3. Spread a layer of Gel Medium onto the shingle nice and evenly. Make sure it’s not too thin of a layer but not too thick either.

4. Carefully place the photo paper starting at one end and smoothing it out little by little with your finger to avoid bubbles. Go over the paper with your finger numerous times to make sure it’s on there well but don’t use something to blunt…your finger will just fine.

5. Now the waiting game! Wait 24 hours so that it’ll dry completely.

6. Once it’s dry, dampen the paper, I reused my clean foam brush. You don’t have to drench it but it you’ll notice where it’s getting wet.

7. Start rubbing! In a circular motion, gently rub off the paper using your fingertips. Once you think you’re done, let it dry for a few minutes and check. Repeat the rubbing anywhere where there is any white residue. This might take 3-4 times.

8. You can add some stressed markings by scratching the edges with your finger nail. Start slowly with small scratches along the edges and corners.

9. Now, step back and admire your cool project. You can add Modge Podge to seal it or to make it glossy if you want.

****These shingles are perfect…they prop up all by themselves. I was even thinking one can use them as place cards. This is a picture of my sister’s cute feline that I got from her facebook and I thought it would be a great gift for her as part of her birthday. They do sell rolls of metal sheets at Home Depot that I think I’m going to get now that I know it works so I can make my Christmas cards…thought it would be cute to send those out! I wish there was a way to share how everyone’s turns out on my blog. Have fun!


  1. Where did you find these shingles?? I am very interested to add this product to my business :)

    Thank you!!

    1. If you click on the original link it tells you home depot. It has a link on there also.

    2. Thank you it was great....I've been wanting know.